Heli-skiing is a type of backcountry skiing / free-riding which involves a helicopter to access remote areas and slopes of virgin powder snow. Kamchatka Peninsula is a snow-covered place and a huge area for heli-skiing, where even active volcanoes are suitable for free-riding. Free-riding on untouched slopes requires preparation, strength and skill, but gives an unforgettable experience.

This is an opportunity to be away from people, alone with the elements, where there is not a single living soul for kilometers around. To appreciate the beauty of nature at maximum speed, otherwise, having felt the slope under your feet, leave the first trail on the mountain or go down to the Pacific Ocean, into the crater of a volcano and to hot springs - the list of heli-ski advantages in Kamchatka can be continued.


This is the mix of the most popular winter activities in Kamchatka, including: skitur, freeride and heliski. The program provides daily skiing and snowboarding.

255 000 ₽ /Person
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This is classic heliskiing program includes daily heli-skiing. Number of freerides depends on weather conditions, group training level, selected riding area, number of group members and their wishes.

395 000 ₽ /Person
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We present to you a new heliskiing program at our "Snow Valley" lodge, that includes 14 helicopter hours that will give you about 4 full days of heliskiing. In total it is approximately 30 000 vertical meters.
580 000 ₽ /Person
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We present to you a brand new heliski program at Snow Valley mountain lodge, that includes 10 helicopter hours – EC145/Bell 429.

920 000 ₽ /Person
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We present you a new program on our Tumroki lodge, located among the forests of the Daurian larch near the Kizimen volcano. You will be in a conservation area, away from noisy cities, almost 300 km to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.
575 000 ₽ /Person
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A day-long program of snowmobile-assisted snowboarding / freeriding from Goryachaya mountain, at the foot of which Snow Valley Mountain Lodge is situated.

from 11 000 ₽ /Person
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Kamchatka is a unique peninsula with wild, pristine nature, where snow falls up to 12-15 meters during the winter. The heli-skiing season starts here in February. March is the snowiest month when the sun comes out bright and there is a lot of powder. You can ride in Kamchatka until the end of May.

Tours from Snow Valley

Two mountain lodges: Snow Valley in the south, designed for 76 people, and "Tumroki", with a capacity of 27 guests, in the north of the peninsula offer comfortable living conditions. Both hotels are located in the ski area, next to the thermal springs. "Tumroki" is located near the Kizimen volcano, in the forests of the Daurian larch. Snow Valley mountain lodge was built specifically near the Vilyuchinsky volcano so an active vacation in Kamchatka will be remembered for a long time.

Our travel service with respect for the native land includes:
- Snowmobiling: we own a park of mountain and utility snow sleds
- Snowboard park with a ski lift
- Country skiing: a trail through the forest, equipment rental
- Kamchatka spa: open-air hot springs pool and a cascade of thermal water
- Russian banya, massage
- Restaurant: Kamchatka specialties and perfect wine card
- Gym
- Billiard and table games
- Movie hall

In winter we specialize in heli-skiing / heli-boarding, free-riding, ski touring and snowmobiling.

Among the main advantages of the Snow Valley:
- organization of individual tours;
- expeditions along the coast of the Pacific Ocean of Kamchatka, the Northern Kuril and Commander Islands on snowmobiles based on an expedition ship.

To travel with tourists, we use our own fleet of equipment, including snowmobiles, ATVs, jeeps, buses. Professional photographers and videographers work on the route.

Our team

The most enthusiastic people are involved in the programs of winter tours. Snow Valley guides have experience in various areas of winter and summer activities. During the program, tourists are accompanied by professionals who provide instructions on avalanche safety, coordinate the process and help if necessary. All instructors are members of the AGGR (Association of Mountain Guides of Russia), have been certified by IFMGA / UIAGM (International Federation of Mountain Guide Associations / International Federation of Mountain Guide Associations). The safety of tourists is provided by the champions of Russia in alpine skiing, snowboarding and ski mountaineering.

We use helicopters: MI-8, MI-8MT, Eurocopter 145 and Bell 429. The flight crews consist of the commander, co-pilot and mechanic. Helicopters Eurocopter owns world records: they landed on Everest. In Kamchatka, MI-8 is more often used at low altitudes and MI-8MT at high altitudes, sometimes American Bells are used. Each helicopter crew undergoes special training. The pilots have a thorough knowledge of the area and have the skills to board a helicopter and disembark passengers in the mountains.

Tour program

In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, from where the journey begins, tourists get on their own. The cost of the flight, visa and consular services is not included in heli-skiing tours in Kamchatka. Rent of ski and snowboard equipment is paid separately.

The prices for heli-skiing in Kamchatka include:
- Transfer from the airport to the base and back.
- Accommodation of the group in Snow Valley.
- Breakfasts and dinners at the lodge plus lunches on the route on skiing days.
- 8 hours of helicopter time (4-5 days of heli-skiing with a total drop of 30,000 vertical meters).
- Services of two guides on the routes.
- Provision of an ABS backpack and avalanche equipment (beeper, probe, shovel).
- Descents from the volcanoes: Zhupanovsky (2923 m), Avachinsky (2741 m), Vilyuchinsky (2173 m), Aag (2310 m), Mutnovsky (2322 m), Arik (2300 m).

In addition, descents are provided: to the valley of the hot Bolshe-Bannye lakes and the Pacific Ocean or to the crater of a volcano. Additional payment for additional helicopter time is possible, the decision is made by the members of the group.

Conditions for the tour:
- favorable weather;
- compensation and refund for missed meals are not provided;
- choice of a route depending on the preparation of the group and the condition of the slope;
- availability of insurance for medical care;
- group of 12 to 15 people maximum.

Approximate tour schedule

Briefing on how to behave in the mountains is carried out on the day of arrival or right before departure.

Day 1st
- meeting at the airport;
- delivery to mountain lodge Snow Valley;
- arrival, check-in and lunch;
- acclimatization and dinner;
- relaxation in the pool with thermal water.

Days 2nd-6th
    09:00 breakfast
    10:00 equipment check;
    10:30 departure to the ski area;
    11:00 photo sessions and video filming;
    11:30 - 13:00 descents on the slopes;
    14:00 lunch in the mountains;
    15:00 - 18:00 skiing on the route;
    18:00 departure to the base;
    19:00 dinner;
    rest and recovery.

Day 7th
- rest or spare time to ride in case the weather changes.

Day 8th
- breakfast at the lodge;
- airport transfer.

Advantages of ordering heli-skiing in Snow Valley

The safety of tourists is our top priority. When choosing a slope for the descent, the team of professional guides is guided by the level of the rider's skill, weather conditions and snow conditions. We have a license for organizing tours and permits.

Our security guarantees:
- qualified guides who have undergone special training;
- regular research of snow cover in ski areas;
- riding with avalanche equipment;
- thorough inspection of vehicles before the trip.

Thanks to the hotel's chef, the tour participants will taste some local Kamchatka dishes made from seasonal ingredients. We are ready to cater for the special dietary needs of our guests.

What to take with you on your trip?

On travel you need to take:
- skiing equipment (snowboard or skis + poles) + boots;
- ski protection (shell, knee pads, shorts, etc.) and a headlamp (preferably);
- moisture and wind-proof jacket and trousers;
- a set of thermal underwear and warm clothes;
- comfortable shoes for getting around the city;
- gloves, hats, mittens, buffs, helmet and mask;
- sunscreen, glasses and bathing accessories (for the pool);
- first aid kit and hygiene items.

Heli-skiing in Kamchatka with Snow Valley is a trip filled with impressions that begins long before departure. In addition to ascents and descents, this trip includes acquaintance with the nature and culture of the unique region.