A week in Kamchatka "SNOW MIX"
Tour price for 1 person 255 000 ₽ /Person

A week in Kamchatka "SNOW MIX"

This program includes the most popular winter activities:
  • Ski tour (1 day)
  • Freeride (2 days)
  • Heliski (1 day)
  • Snowmobiling (2 days)
The order of days can be changed due to weather conditions.
First we will do a ski tour in Verkhneparatunskaya Valley and freeride from Goryachaya Mountain using snowmobiles. This would be a great opportunity to experience the snow conditions, to warm up before more serious riding in the following days, to acclimatize faster, to learn a lot of interesting information about safe riding.

On the 4th day of the program, a Heliskiing day awaits you! In addition to skiing from mountains and volcanoes, the program includes riding to hot springs and the Pacific Ocean, as well as a unique descent into the crater of the active Mutnovsky volcano.

On the 5th-7th days, an expedition program on snowmobiles awaits you. A good opportunity to learn how to manage a snowmobile well on mountainous terrain, as well as to see the beauty of the edge of Kamchatka volcanoes.

Number of freerides depends on weather conditions, group training level, selected riding area, number of group members and their wishes.

Additional activities on free days or during bad weather are snowmobiling and freeriding from the Goryachaya Mountain near the base (paid additionally).

You will stay at Snow Valley mountain lodge, a unique hotel complex with accommodations from economy to VIP level, located in the picturesque valley surrounded by mountains and volcanoes.

The territory of our Mountain Lodge features an open-air swimming pool and a cascade of hot thermal springs, barbecue areas, cross-country ski course, snowboard park with a cableway, two picturesque sightseeing platforms with panoramic views of domestic volcanoes, a helicopter pad, and a parking lot.

Services and amenities available for you include rental of cross-country and mountain skis, snowboards, snowmobiles and four-wheelers, chairlift (400 m), Russian-style bathhouse, massage room, billiards, gym, movie hall / convention hall.
Program price per person:
255 000 rub (based on a group of 12 people).

Refund terms:
  • we refund 347 000 rubles for the whole group for every helicopter hour not used because of bad weather or technical problems;
  • we do not return the money to the client if the runs didn't happen because of other reasons, such as broken equipment, illness, late take-off or early landing, caused by the client.

Payment conditions:

  • 50% of the program price is paid upon booking;
  • full price should be paid no later than 1 month prior to the start of the program.

We have been organizing heliskiing and other exciting trips in Kamchatka for more than 15 years and can guarantee you the highest level of service!

Accommodation at the mountain lodges
Three meals a day
Routes close to mountains and volcanoes
Swimming in hot thermal springs
Tour price for 1 person 255 000 ₽ /Person
Estimated schedule:
The program includes:
  • Snow Valley mountain lodge accommodationм – double standart room in a hotel;
  • Meals – full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner);
  • Group transfer: airport – lodge – airport;
  • Tour leader within the whole time of the program;
  • 2 helicopter hours(1 day heliski);
  • Snowmobile rental for 3 days for transfer to the start of freeride and ski-tour routes, 2 pcs;
  • Snowmobile rental for 2 days of snowmobile safari, 6 pcs;
  • Avalanche equipment: beacon, avalanche shovel, probe;
  • ABS backpack and cartridges;
  • Medical insurance.
The program does not include:
  • Air tickets, luggage exceeding fee and all airport taxes;
  • Emergency evacuation fee;
  • Visa and other consular service;
  • Individual menu (drinks and meals not listed on the group menu);
  • Additional expenses caused by bad weather conditions, airport timetable changes, equipment breakage, illness etc.;
  • Equipment and gear rental, excluding avalanche equipment;
  • Bath.
Program conditions:
  • Group must consist of 12 people minimum (otherwise the price increases);
  • The heliski routes are chosen by the guides and depend on the group riding level, weather and snow conditions;
  • The program is planned for good weather;
  • We do not provide any refund for missed meals;
  • You are obliged to have full cover insurance (medical and transportation expenses included);
Refund terms:
  • Additional heliskiing is available at 399 000 rubles per 1 helicopter hour for the whole group;
  • We refund 347 000 rubles for the whole group for every helicopter hour not used because of bad weather or technical problems;
Cancellation conditions due to the spread of the COVID-19:
  • If the client does not come for the reason that:
  • the virus is spreading but official quarantine measures are not introduced and the state borders are open, the money will not be returned;
  • the virus is spreading and quarantine measures that provide for restrictions on movement on the territory of Russia or in Kamchatka (for example, mandatory observation or self-isolation) are introduced but the borders are open, the tour is carried out in agreement with the client. If the optimal solution is not found, the money will be returned to the client;
  • the virus is spreading and quarantine measures are strict, the borders are closed – the money will be returned to the client.
Our main advantages:
  • Professional guides and pilots who really know the area and choose the most interesting and safest runs depending on the weather, snow conditions and group level;
  • Accommodation in the heart of the skiing area, surrounded by home mountains and volcanoes = no waste of helicopter time;
  • Helicopter pad just at your lodge;
  • Rental with a wide choice of freeride skis and snowboards;
  • Cameraman service and professional after-trip movie are already included;
  • Full-board meals with Kamchatka’s specialties – crab, wild salmon, scallops, red caviar;
  • Crab party as one of the dinners;
  • Snowmobile/helicopter excursions to the Ocean, hot springs, crater of an active volcano.
Wide range of down days activities:
  • Ski tour: the lodge is located close to Goryachaya mountain (720 m), there are ski touring skis and splitboards for rental;
  • Freeride by snowmobiles (vertical drop up to 600 m, runs up to 1,5 km);
  • Snowmobiling: we own a park of mountain and utility snow sleds;
  • Snowboard park with a ski lift;
  • Country skiing: a trail through the forest, equipment rental;
  • Kamchatka spa: open-air hot springs pool and a cascade of thermal water;
  • Russian banya, massage;
  • Restaurant: Kamchatka specialities and perfect wine card;
  • Gym;
  • Billiard and table games;
  • Movie hall.